Saturday, June 13, 2020

Scrying Mirrors: Use and Creating Your Own (Throwback)

Scrying Mirrors are an ancient form of divination using the reflection of the dark glass to receive hidden messages and reveal secrets about the past, present, or future. Mirrors are gateways to the other side and can be portals for people and things to travel through if they know how. If you don't have a scrying mirror you can make one with a picture frame. 

Today we are going to make a scrying mirror out of a large frame! First we remove the glass and clean it very well. Go ahead and wipe down the frame also. 

I love the idea of a fancy designed frame so I took a glue gun to create fancy flourishes all around the frame. Smooth them out as best you can with the hot tip before they harden. Once hard we are going to spray the frame silver. 

Using a paint brush and black paint mixed with water paint over the entire frame. Wait just a few seconds and use a paper towel to wipe off the excess paint leaving a dark finish and black in the deep spaces. This will give the frame a more vintage tarnished look. 

While the frame dries lets take our glass outside and place down on a covered surface. Spray the surface with black spray paint evenly. You will need a couple coats and let them dry in between. If you use chalkboard paint you can have a reversible mirror or write magickal symbols on the back of the scrying mirror to boost the power. 

Once the paint has completely dried place the glass in the frame and close it up. Hang up on the wall or set on a shelf with a holder. The mirror pictured wasn't cleaned well enough and a partial palm print was left on the glass leaving behind a ghostly image in the paint so we used this one for haunted house stuff rather than magick. 

So now you can make your own scrying mirror! Be sure to cleanse, consecrate, and charge the mirror before using. Wiping down with a salt water mixture will cleanse it. You can use conjure oil and incense smoke to consecrate and charge it as well. For added power paint spiritual or psychic symbols on the back before closing up the frame. 

Scrying miror

Don't feel like making one? You can click the picture above to purchase one of ours!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Contacting the Otherside with a Pendulum and Answer Board

A pendulum and answer board is probably the most simple of the divination and spirit communication methods available today. A pendulum is just a crystal or other pointed object suspended from a string or chain used to get answers by swinging over an answer board. An answer board can be made with a piece of cardboard or paper or a fancy little board like the one we are making today and have some of the "answer" options to the questions you want to ask. The options can be anything you want from Yes or No to colors, numbers, dates, names, etc. We even carry decorated boards in the shop that have blank spaces you can write any answer options you want so you can customize your pendulum sessions as needed. And they add a bit of class to your professional readings. 

Pendulums are believed to work by accessing the collective unconscious, spirit realm, or your own subconscious depending on your beliefs. Personally, I believe it's the collective, or Akashic records, we are accessing when using pendulums. Unless you specifically request to speak to a spirit directly. Either way if you are getting the answers you need that is all that matters. Before using your pendulum you must calibrate it. To do this begin by establishing the direction you want for each answer option like 'yes' or 'no'. Next ask questions you know to be true and be sure it responds correctly each time. Next ask questions you know are false and do the same. Once you are satisfied with how it is working you can begin using it for magick and divination.

So, how do you make a pendulum and answer board? Let's get started!  


        Materials needed:

A wooden board (you can get one at Michael's or cut your own)


A pencil

A piece of tracing paper

A print out of the board design you want



Spray Sealer

Newspaper to cover your work surface


The first thing we want to do is sand our board clean and smooth.


Pendulum answer board stage 1

Next you want to paint the board your background color and then draw the picture and choices on the board. If drawing isn’t your jam then you can print the picture and  trace it from the back of the paper so it will be front ways when you apply it. Trace it with a pencil and be careful not to blow the dust away or put your hand in it. Print your image backwards and trace with a pencil. Then flip the paper and place on the board and trace again leaving the image on the board. 



 Don’t forget to paint the edges of your board! Now you can paint the details, and then clean up any smears you may have from the pencil. Spray a few coats of sealer on the board to protect your work and it is ready for use! 



                You will need:

A crystal with a definite point

A 6 ½” chain or rope

2 - 10” wires to wrap your crystal

3” wrap wire

A bead of your choosing

Flat nose pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

The first thing we want to do is to wrap our crystal so it can be hung from a chain. Take your 2 wires and bed them into an L shape in the center. Hold them so that they face each other and make a small square in the center. 


Place the bottom of the crystal through the square and twist the ends with your pliers 6 times. Then fold the twisted wire flat against the stone towards the top and  start twisting the new sides together. 

     Bring the sides to the top of the crystal, hold together, and bend the wire back with the round nose pliers into a bail.  Take your wrap wire and wrap it around the bail. Cut off the excess wires and flatten.


 Cut a 2” – 3” length of wire and run through the bead. Use your flat nose pliers to hold the wire and the bead. While using the round nose pliers make a small loop and wrap the excess around the loop to hold it in place. Do the same with the other end but slip it through the chain before closing it off. This bead at the end will help you to hold onto the pendulum when using it. Use a jump ring (or make one with wire) to hold the pendulum to the chain, and you are done!

Your pendulum can be any design that fits you and makes you happy. It can be a dedicated design like the one we just made or a blank design to be customized as you see fit like the one below. I hope you enjoyed our craft for today! Click HERE to pick out a beautiful pendulum and board from the shop to go with the board you made! Variety is always a good thing! 




Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Crystal Meditation Eggs: Egg Magick

These beautiful eggs combine decorative beauty with powerful magick. Each egg is decorated with its own representation of it's power but all come with a powerfully charged crystal attached to the top of the egg to channel the power you use it for. Crystal meditation eggs are created to hold any power stored in them until you choose to let it out. Some eggs come with a chalkboard paint back to write your details and symbols on. Others you can place a petition paper under if you choose. However you choose to practice your power this egg is a beautiful tool to help!

Protection Egg
All eggs are created with a unique decoration and symbolism for their uses and are created with all natural items to help conduct the power of your spells. Clay, wood, crystals, and paint as well as infused power as they are made and charged. The top crystals are large chunk crystals around 2-4".

Power Boost Egg

Our most popular egg is the Goddess/Feminine Invocation Egg. The design varies per egg but the power remains the same. Fill yourself and your soul with the power of the Universe and the Divine Feminine herself. Use this power to improve the world around you through beauty, gentleness, and justice.

Goddess/Feminine Power

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Egg Shells Used in Magick

Eggs and their shells have many uses in magick from fertility, to protection and transmutation to hexes. The symbolism of the egg, of course, is what gives the fertility and longevity powers. The egg is the first stage leading to life. It is the hope that we will continue on as a species. But what about the shell? How can the shell itself be used in magick?

The shell of an egg is what protects the goo inside until it becomes a chicken. This is what gives it the protective properties it possesses in magick. But the shell doesn't just protect what is inside from harm until it's ready to come out. It also can be used as a prison to hold something negative inside protecting the world on the outside from its energy. This is one of the reasons eggs are used in cleansing rituals in Hoodoo and Hispanic magick traditions. This property is also why it can be used to hex or curse. You can trap anything inside the egg shell not just negativity. You can trap someone else's happiness or sanity in there as well. Keeping it from them until the egg is broken and discarded properly. 

Nanoparticles of calcium carbonate crystals are arranged by protein to create the shell. The shells are not solid due to this they are comprised of many pores which is the property that makes them great for transmutation spell. These spells take negative energy sent to you by another practitioner, karma, the universe, etc. and send thee negativity back while keeping the power used to sent it and turn it into positive energy in your life. The "pores' of the shell allow the power to pass through while the carbonate shell send the negativity back to where it came from. 

The Eggs pictured above are another type of egg magick. These eggs are hollowed out and filled with herbs, crystal chips, magick, and blessing for hope, love, beauty, etc. They are held and empowered by one person and then broken over the head of another to raint he blessing down on them and their souls! These eggs are wonderful for any celebration of life, milsestone, etc. 

To purchase these eggs in sets of 3 CLICK HERE. To purchase Egg Shells send an email through the shop or to for prices. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Meditation Taper Candle Spells: How to Use

Our meditation candle spells are created for quick spells that focus on meditation to trigger your manifestation. These candles are simple and the spell cast with them is also simple yet powerful. Each kit comes with 1 6" taper candle (colored for the spell you are casting), 1 baggie of herbs, 1 vial of oil, 1 carving tool for the candle, and 1 piece of parchment petition paper. 


These candles are used by a basic dressing, carving, and meditation technique outlined in the complete instructions that come with it. A petition paper is used to keep the magick focused. Click on the Color Taper link to get your kit and start your magick today!

Black Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Protection, Banishing, Hexing and Vengeance Spell Sets.

Blue Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Peace, Psychic Power, and Healing

Green Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Money magick, Abundance, and Stability

Orange Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Communication, and Inspiration

Pink Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Beauty and Friendship

Purple Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Justice, Power, and Luck

Red Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Love, Passion, and Empowerment

White Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Cleansing, Protection, and Uncrossing

Yellow Taper Kit can be cast for spells such as Happiness, Success, and Mental Boost

Friday, April 17, 2020

Convos with Kids: Flashback

Today is a FLASHBACK post from when the kids were younger. I used to keep track of the odd shit they would say and blog about it on Fridays. This was one of them:

I had a song stuck in my head and while making dinner I said one line really loudly with feeling!

Lance: hahahahaha. Well that just came out of nowhere.

Me: Nuh uh! It came out of my mouth.

Draven talking about his own seat on the bus

Me: u don't want to sit by yourself

Draven: I rather sit next to myself

Draven had his birthday party at a paranormal location in middle school. Kids not listening to instructions for ghost hunt

Me: it's all Fun and games until someone loses their soul!

Screenshot of Matt and dravens text. .. Candy man

Draven: No thank you!

Me: What?

Draven: that woman has 4 kids. Two sets of twins. That means half of them look alike!

Connor: does Chase have a job?

Draven: he's 11 where would he work?

Connor: the slave trade?

Draven to Connor: thanks a lot, Douche!

Connor: I'm not an Italian actress!!


Lance asked me to move and then to move again.

Me: what the fuck, fucker!?!!

Draven: wow mom. Great vocabulary.

Me: it's all I got left with three teenage boys.

Dravens roach trap: a square you plug into the wall and when a roach comes into view it's fried by a high power laser beam.

Me: lasers?really?

Told Connor to CLEAN up pee pee with mop bucket and rag.

Connor: Eeewww. I got a bucket full of pee.

Me: why do you have a bucket full of pee, Connor?

Connor: cuz you told me to get one.

Mark: A person can die of stupid.

Draven:Oh no! Connor could go at any minute!!

Draven had a report to do on Thomas Jefferson so he wanted Connor to let him turn in the one he did the previous year in that class.

Mark: no Draven you have to do your own work. They'll know you copied it if its the same as Connors was.

Draven: nuh uh. Of course it would be the same. It's the same president.

Kids are being loud in the kitchen while I’m trying to write a research paper.

Me: If you guys don’t’ stop yelling while I’m writing this paper I will cut your tongues out and staple them to your foreheads!!

Draven: Hey Connor soon you WILL be able to lick your eyeball!!

Connor: I am -12 years old so I don't exist. 

Me: if you don't exist I can't talk to you. 

Connor: why not? 

Me: I'm Prejudice against people who don't exist. They are nothing to me. Lance: Wow mom!

Connor: wine tastes bad to the sober tongue 

Me: my tongue likes it and I'm sober. But if it would make you feel better I can go smoke some pot and them enjoy my wine. 

Draven: I think it'll make everyone feel better. 

Me: O.O

Draven: mom I burned a bully at school today. 

Me: oh yeah. How?

Draven: he told me "ladies first" before I walked through the door so I bowed and waved him through the door and said "by all means"

Lance: you're a crack whore


Draven: in my government the head of the senate has 2 things. The power to break ties in the senate and a motive to kill the president. If the president dies he gets it all. 

Monday, April 13, 2020

Crystals, Kits, Meditations, and Magick!

Crystals also known as Crystalline Silica are made from Silicon and Oxygen which are the 2 most abundant elements on the planet.The atoms bond together when placed under pressure creating a three-dimensional repeating pattern which gives the crystals their structure. When broken the crystal keeps it's original pattern which lends to one of the most popular theories behind why they are great for healing. The thinking behind it is that the crystal helps realign your "pattern" into its perfect or ideal shape as well which is complete perfect health. 

Modern crystal healing is based on traditions borrowed from the Chinese concept of chi and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of Chakras, which are centers of energy, said to connect the physical and supernatural bodies. During a session a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body. Sometimes they align with the chakra points and sometimes their positioning may be chosen for the symptoms reported by the client. It can also include talismans which are crystals and stones worn on the body or placed in the environment to prevent or heal sickness, banish negative energy or absorb positive energy.

Crystals are of great use in the technology industry due to their excellent capability to conduct electricity and hold massive amounts of data. Different crystals vibrate at a specific frequency when an electric current is passed through them which made them great for making radios. As radio technology improved the transmitters held several different crystals to allow transmission on different frequencies. Vibrating crystals can also be used for time keeping. A quartz clock uses the vibration of a quartz crystal to measure time. When the crystal has an electric current passed through it, the crystal will vibrate at 60 hertz (60 times per second). These traits are what make crystals great for ommunication not just through sound waves but through conciousness as well. They help connect us to the divinity in the universe and both sides of the veil. 

Whether you use them for technology, healing, decor, or another use crystals have always been viewed as something of beauty and are still often used inside pieces of jewelry, grids, placed around the home, kept on your person, in mojo bags or poppets, etc.

Below is a list of crystals we carry and their magick properties. Click on the crystal link to get your crystals today!!


      Crystals come packaged in a sealed baggie with decorative label. An order contianing crystals purchased will recieve a mini cleansing kit as a free gift. 

AMETHYST (TUMBLED or POINTS): Third Eye Chakra, Love, Happiness, Dreams, Spirituality

BLACK TOURMALINE: Protection,Banishing, Grounding

BLUE ONYX: Letting Go, Balance, Throat Chakra

CARNELIAN: Concentration, Creativity, Sacral Chakra

CHERRY QUARTZ: Clarity, Hope, Relief

CITRINE (TUMBLED or POINTS): Concentration, Creativity, Sacral Chakra

FLUORITE: Conection. Focus. Decisions.

GREEN AVENTURINE: Prosperity, Love, Heart Chakra

KYANITE, BLUE: Psychic Connection, Communication, Tranquility

MOONSTONE: Intuition, Wisdom, Goddess Energy, Meditation

QUARTZ (TUMBLED or POINTS): Clarity, Meditation, Communicate with Spirits

RED JASPER: Justice, Protection, Root Chakra

ROSE QUARTZ (TUMBLED or RAW): Love, Beauty, Confidence

SODALITE: Thought, Intuition, Self Esteem, Balance

TIGER'S EYE: Wealth, Courage, Protection, Luck


  Crystal Kits come packaged in a sealed baggie with decorative label, an organza bag of appropritate color and charm attached, as well as a vial of charging oil. An order containing crystal kits purchased will recieve a mini cleansing kit as a free gift. 

CREATIVITY - Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Adventurine, Green

FRIENDSHIP - Citrine, Moonstone, hematite, Rose Quartz

GOOD FORTUNE - Citrine, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Adventurine (Green)

GROUNDING - Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Carnelian, and Hematite

LOVE - Hematite, Garnet, Quartz, and Rose Quartz

PSYCHIC ABILITIES - Moonstone, Amethyst, Kyanite, Fluorite

SPIRIT COMMUNICATION - Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Kyanite, Blue Blade

WEALTH - Citrine, Blue Onyx, Tiger's Eye, Hematite

PROTECTION - Black Toumaline, Selenite, Tiger's Eye, Hematite