Wednesday, April 8, 2020

From Old Table to Magickal Altar: WitchCrafting

         Today we are making an altar!! I have spent the week remodeling my kitchen so I wanted to share a remodeling project with you. This is the witchiest remodeling project I could think of J I bought this old table at Goodwill for like $10, and planned to do something with it. As projects often do it sat around for a couple of years. Now it’s a beautiful altar for the entry way of your home. You can use it to welcome and thank the Gods, and ancestor altar, or a blessing before you leave and when you come home altar. Your imagination is the limit!
You will need:
An old table, nightstand, dresser, etc.
Sticker Paper
Paint Pens
Total Cost: Under $20 (if you limit your table cost to $10 that is the only variable)
 I forgot to take a before picture. I do this a LOT! I have hundreds of pictures of half eaten birthday cakes!
First I had to peel through the contact paper on top and sand the sides and legs. I scraped it off with a screwdriver and a piece of sandpaper. Later I found out you can pay a stripper to do it much easier! I’m just kidding he said you can buy something called stripper at the store.

             Once I got all of this off I sanded it smooth I wiped it down with a wet rag to get the extra dusty bits off. I really like dark woods so I wanted to stain it a mahogany color. I got a small can at Walmart for like $3!! I wanted the top to stand out so I only stained it and not the legs. I painted the legs black to help the top stand out as well.

After the stain and paint dried I printed a sticker of a pentacle with moons on sticker paper (you can get a pack of 3 at Michael’s for like $5) for the top and painted the symbols for the elements in the corners. I used a paint pen to write on the lip under the top on all four sides. The front is shown below. The back says Blessed Be and the sides are runes. I used a paint pen to write Namaste' on the bottom tray. 

                The finished product decorates and in place! The total cost for this project was under $20!! Good will and thrift stores are gold mines for crafters. Just be sure to not let your crafts, and would be craft projects, run you out of your home!

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