Saturday, June 13, 2020

Scrying Mirrors: Use and Creating Your Own (Throwback)

Scrying Mirrors are an ancient form of divination using the reflection of the dark glass to receive hidden messages and reveal secrets about the past, present, or future. Mirrors are gateways to the other side and can be portals for people and things to travel through if they know how. If you don't have a scrying mirror you can make one with a picture frame. 

Today we are going to make a scrying mirror out of a large frame! First we remove the glass and clean it very well. Go ahead and wipe down the frame also. 

I love the idea of a fancy designed frame so I took a glue gun to create fancy flourishes all around the frame. Smooth them out as best you can with the hot tip before they harden. Once hard we are going to spray the frame silver. 

Using a paint brush and black paint mixed with water paint over the entire frame. Wait just a few seconds and use a paper towel to wipe off the excess paint leaving a dark finish and black in the deep spaces. This will give the frame a more vintage tarnished look. 

While the frame dries lets take our glass outside and place down on a covered surface. Spray the surface with black spray paint evenly. You will need a couple coats and let them dry in between. If you use chalkboard paint you can have a reversible mirror or write magickal symbols on the back of the scrying mirror to boost the power. 

Once the paint has completely dried place the glass in the frame and close it up. Hang up on the wall or set on a shelf with a holder. The mirror pictured wasn't cleaned well enough and a partial palm print was left on the glass leaving behind a ghostly image in the paint so we used this one for haunted house stuff rather than magick. 

So now you can make your own scrying mirror! Be sure to cleanse, consecrate, and charge the mirror before using. Wiping down with a salt water mixture will cleanse it. You can use conjure oil and incense smoke to consecrate and charge it as well. For added power paint spiritual or psychic symbols on the back before closing up the frame. 

Scrying miror

Don't feel like making one? You can click the picture above to purchase one of ours!

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