Saturday, April 25, 2020

Egg Shells Used in Magick

Eggs and their shells have many uses in magick from fertility, to protection and transmutation to hexes. The symbolism of the egg, of course, is what gives the fertility and longevity powers. The egg is the first stage leading to life. It is the hope that we will continue on as a species. But what about the shell? How can the shell itself be used in magick?

The shell of an egg is what protects the goo inside until it becomes a chicken. This is what gives it the protective properties it possesses in magick. But the shell doesn't just protect what is inside from harm until it's ready to come out. It also can be used as a prison to hold something negative inside protecting the world on the outside from its energy. This is one of the reasons eggs are used in cleansing rituals in Hoodoo and Hispanic magick traditions. This property is also why it can be used to hex or curse. You can trap anything inside the egg shell not just negativity. You can trap someone else's happiness or sanity in there as well. Keeping it from them until the egg is broken and discarded properly. 

Nanoparticles of calcium carbonate crystals are arranged by protein to create the shell. The shells are not solid due to this they are comprised of many pores which is the property that makes them great for transmutation spell. These spells take negative energy sent to you by another practitioner, karma, the universe, etc. and send thee negativity back while keeping the power used to sent it and turn it into positive energy in your life. The "pores' of the shell allow the power to pass through while the carbonate shell send the negativity back to where it came from. 

The Eggs pictured above are another type of egg magick. These eggs are hollowed out and filled with herbs, crystal chips, magick, and blessing for hope, love, beauty, etc. They are held and empowered by one person and then broken over the head of another to raint he blessing down on them and their souls! These eggs are wonderful for any celebration of life, milsestone, etc. 

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