Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Crystal Meditation Eggs: Egg Magick

These beautiful eggs combine decorative beauty with powerful magick. Each egg is decorated with its own representation of it's power but all come with a powerfully charged crystal attached to the top of the egg to channel the power you use it for. Crystal meditation eggs are created to hold any power stored in them until you choose to let it out. Some eggs come with a chalkboard paint back to write your details and symbols on. Others you can place a petition paper under if you choose. However you choose to practice your power this egg is a beautiful tool to help!

Protection Egg
All eggs are created with a unique decoration and symbolism for their uses and are created with all natural items to help conduct the power of your spells. Clay, wood, crystals, and paint as well as infused power as they are made and charged. The top crystals are large chunk crystals around 2-4".

Power Boost Egg

Our most popular egg is the Goddess/Feminine Invocation Egg. The design varies per egg but the power remains the same. Fill yourself and your soul with the power of the Universe and the Divine Feminine herself. Use this power to improve the world around you through beauty, gentleness, and justice.

Goddess/Feminine Power

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